The Polestar Experience in Jamaica

The Polestar Experience in Jamaica

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Sunday, November 05, 2017

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IN an effort to enhance the way Jamaicans treat movement and health, Body Forte will be bringing the Polestar experience to the island’s shores.

The physiotherapy and pilates centre will be hosting Dr Brent Anderson, founder of Polestar Pilates, who will share his knowledge and experience at ‘The Polestar Experience’ from November 17-18 at the University of Technology in Kingston.

The two-day event will feature a lecture by Dr Anderson dubbed ‘Uncensored’ — which will see him explore how to better live healthy lives through nutrition and exercise. Then, on the second day, there will be a series of workshops exploring various issues such as the truth about running injuries and how to prevent lower back pain.

Dr Anderson is a licensed physical therapist and orthopaedic certified specialist with more than 22 years’ experience. Based on his extensive background in rehabilitation and movement science, Dr Anderson elaborates Joseph Pilates’ mind-body work through the Polestar curriculum by developing tools for critical-reasoning and applying supportive scientific research. He also infuses the integral role of psychology and energy systems on motor control and motor learning.

According to Body Forte, this experience will offer personal discovery, interactive discussions, observation, healing, and experiential learning. After all, it is specifically designed for those who are interested in making a difference.


Why bring this event to Jamaica?

Body Forte’ says it is passionate about a healthier and more physically active Jamaica.

“We love to share the latest knowledge and make a positive difference in peoples lives. Hosting this event in Jamaica makes it accessible for everyone — both professionals and the general public.”

Another reason, according to the pilates centre, is that the event is a great opportunity to learn from a different perspective.

“The information is all evidence- and science-based and delivered in a meaningful and interactive way. The perfect mixture of science and emotion needed to spark a change in people’s lives.

“The information is very relevant to our population, from our athletes to our ageing population,” Body Forte said.


Target audience

“We want medical professionals such as doctors, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, athletic trainers… personal trainers, coaches of all sorts… performing artistes, dancers and musicians, everyone can benefit and learn.

Even people who are not active but are interested in getting more active,” the physiotherapy and pilates centre said.

Going beyond the professionals, Body Forte said it has approached schools to send their physical education coaches as part of staff development.

“There are so many concerned parents worried about the sedentary and technology-filled lifestyle of this up and coming generation. If we can shift the paradigm of health and movement in children while in school think of the benefits that would bring now and later on in life as we change and age,” it said.


Why should people care about a healthy lifestyle?

“Are we promoting health? Or are we managing disease?” Body Forte asks.

“We need to promote health… An unhealthy and unbalanced lifestyle contributes to all sorts of physiological diseases. Ensuring that all aspects of your health are balanced is important — nutrition, reducing stress levels, spending time outdoors, moving more… learning to breath, meditation and taking care of your psychological well-being.”


Is this a pilates event?

“No. This event will have plenty of non-pilates information,” Body Forte said, adding that information will be provided on nutrition, sleep, stress management, career development, recreation, rest and mindfulness, among other areas.

Athlete Yohan Blake is also expected to attend the event. . the ambassador and will attend the event as he has seen what coming back from a big injury and getting back into top form entails and we have been able to help him.

For more information contact the local Polestar organiser, Body Forte Ltd at: [email protected] or 632-5585.

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