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As life seems to spiral, sometimes on the brink of losing control, local favorite Kerry McClure and her co-author Mira Dessy have written a book in hopes of helping everyone infuse a bit of calm into their everyday chaos.

The premise of their new book, “Beyond Meditation: Making Mindfulness Accessible for Everyone” is that if properly motivated, everyone can carve out a few moments for mindful mediation.

“There are so many ways to mediate. Going for a walk, going for a bike ride. Sitting down and writing, sitting under a tree,” said McClure. “I don’t think you can be too stressed out to meditate.

“I don’t think stress ever goes away. I think we find ways to manage the stress,” she continued. “Being the practical wellness person that I am, I look at it as, OK, stress is a part of our life and stress is a part of our culture. Can we bring tools into our lives that allow us to manage the stress?”

Dessy and McClure present practical ideas for managing stress including taking a moment to push back from one’s desk in order to breath.

Dessy pictures meditation in a whole different light. When the going gets tough, Dessy starts to doodle.

“I guess because when I’m doodling, I feel like my mind just flows. It’s very peaceful,” said Dessy. “When I’m done, I feel a physical change in my body. I feel more relaxed.

“I believe that concept. Focusing on that flow is why that takes shape is part of why adult coloring books are so popular right now,” she continued. “You are concentrating on something that doesn’t require a lot of hard thought. You’re just concentrating and letting it flow.”

“Beyond Meditation: Making Mindfulness Accessible for Everyone” can be purchased at Amazon. For more information, visit

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