14 Times You’ve Broken Free of Being Categorized as an Introvert or Extrovert

14 Times You’ve Broken Free of Being Categorized as an Introvert or Extrovert

Have you always felt like you don’t really identify much with either definition? While some of the people you know seem to have a textbook case of either extroversion or introversion, you’ve always been unsure how to label yourself.

Sometimes you can be the life of the party, while on other days you really can’t bare to talk to anyone. If this sounds like you (it sure sounds like me), it only proves that, like most human beings, one definition is simply not enough to truly define you.

14 Times You’ve Broken Free of Being Categorized as an Introvert or Extrovert

1. Your friends think you can handle striking up a conversation.

When you’re standing in a group of friends and someone has to go talk to the crossing guard to find out exactly how lost you are, your friends always seem to think you’re up for the task. Why?? Help!

2. Sometimes you’re the life of the party; sometimes you’re a beautiful wallflower.

Your friends never can quite understand how you function at parties. Sometimes you arrive and you talk to everyone, sometimes you awkwardly move from wall to wall, avoiding small talk at all costs.

3. You’re always picked to begin a presentation because your group-mates think you’re a good speaker.

You’re good at speaking up and taking charge with a small group. But talking in front of a crowd is a different story.

4. You love traveling alone, but you secretly wish you’d meet some cool new people

You love going places alone! Whether it’s a big trip or a quick adventure around your city, you like going places with only your mind for company. But while you’re out and about, you often find yourself fantasizing about meeting a handsome new stranger, or becoming friends with the crazy lady on the street talking to a chipmunk.

5. You’re great at the first few sentences of small talk…

…but then you get real awkward, real fast. What are you supposed to say beyond the first sarcastic one-liner? This is not what you rehearsed!

6. You love being around friends and family, but you need your space

You really, truly don’t mean to offend anyone. It’s just that you need to not be around people sometimes. Even from the people you love the most (sometimes, especially from the people you love the most), you just need time by yourself.

7. You love talking to everyone, but there are only 2 or 3 people who you are actually comfortable around.

You don’t let down those barriers easily, and you don’t even notice how well they’re built until you’re back with your people. And then you’re free to be as weird and talkative as you’re ambivert heart desires.

8. You don’t post Facebook statuses much, unless it’s to show off your quirky side.

You seriously don’t understand how some people still make multiple Facebook statuses a day (come on people, it’s not 2007 anymore). You tend to post things only after putting a lot of thought into it. That caption has to have just the write amount of wit, and that picture has to have just the right amount of irony.

9. You want people to notice you in a crowd, but never to acknowledge it.

Hello everyone, I see you all looking at me. Yes I look awesome today, because yes I actually put eyeliner on, and if you don’t notice me I will probably be offended. But please, for the love of god don’t come over and say hi. That will ruin it.

10. Sometimes you want people to take pictures of you, sometimes you want to burn all the cameras in the world.

You just have these days where the camera is your friend, and you have no problem posing for a cute picture. And then other days you feel like a potato that just grew limbs and is expected to perform a ballet. How do you stand naturally in front of this thing?

11. You are either intimidated or intimidating.

Some days you happen to dress all in black and then Sugar We’re Going Down Swingin’ happens to play on you’re iPod, and then all the sudden you start swaggering down the street like you can conquer the world. And then other days the Starbucks lady makes your drink wrong and you cannot possibly confront her about it.

12. You don’t really like to meet your relatives, but when you do, it’s not as bad as you thought.

Seeing relatives can always be a bit of an ordeal, especially if you don’t know them well. You end up dreading it forever, but then you actually meet them and you remember that relatives are contractually obligated to love you, and it all turns out okay.

13. Being left alone with a mutual friend is your worst fear

You’re so good at talking to the people you like, your friends think you’re just naturally good with all people. You are not! It’s a trap! Don’t leave me with them!

14. You’re just really super awkward sometimes

And that just frustrates the hell out of you. Don’t let it bother you, this just proves you’re so much more than a category.

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